Top 4 Ranked Moving Companies

Find Your Perfect Mover: America's Top 4 Ranked Long Distance Moving Companies

Better Moving Bureau conducted an analysis of over 6,865 moving providers that have been verified by the Department of Transportation in order to identify the most exceptional long-distance movers in the United States. The analysis was based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to customer satisfaction, pricing, insurance coverage, reliability, ease of service,  license verification, supplementary benefits and federal complaint records.

Best overall

Top Rated Moving
Van Lines

Best for up-front pricing

Smooth Relocation Van Lines

Best customer reviews

Sunflower Moving & Storage

Best budget moving company

Texas Movers

Last updated on June 16, 2023.

Relocating over long distances can be a daunting task, compounded by the inherent stress of moving. With a plethora of moving companies available to choose from, selecting one with reasonable pricing and a well-established record of quality service can be pivotal. Additionally, a significant number of customers become victims of fraudulent moving practices. Therefore, our screening process of top movers is rigorous, encompassing aspects such as binding estimates, favorable customer reviews, affordability, and industry certifications.

Our top pick

Our preferred choice for long-distance moving services is Top Rated Moving Van Lines. With a national reach, the company has built a distinguished reputation for delivering exceptional services. Additionally, they provide a complimentary 30-day storage option to those who require it, along with discounts for military families and senior citizens.


Our recommended mover

Top Rated Moving Van Lines’ extensive range of relocation services, global accessibility, and exceptional customer support render it a top-notch choice for any kind of move.

What should you look for in a long-distance moving company?

  • Reasonable prices. It is desirable that the cost of your full-service move is not to good to be true. To inspire confidence that the movers have not taken any shortcuts that could result in late delivery or damage to your belongings. However, it is not necessary for the cost to be exorbitant.
  • Binding estimates. It is recommended to give due consideration to companies, such as Smooth Relocation Vanlines, that provide binding quotes. This guarantee ensures that the agreed-upon price will not be subject to change, provided that no additional items are included in the home inventory after the quote process has been concluded.
  • Affordable deposit. Most moving companies charge a deposit of up to 50%. Do your homework (or let do it for you) to know whether you can afford the upfront fee.
  • Customer reviews. Positive customer reviews serve as a crucial indicator of trustworthiness. When searching for a suitable moving company, pay attention to reports that highlight safe delivery, professionalism of movers, and helpful moving agents. Notably, Top Rated Moving Van Lines has garnered the highest praise from customers.
  • Legit credentials. It is imperative to ensure that your professional long-distance movers possess valid licenses and appropriate insurance coverage. Failure to do so may leave you vulnerable to expensive moving scams.
  • Perks. Seek out companies such as Sunflower Moving & Storage, which offer additional benefits such as a complimentary 30-day storage facility. Other advantageous perks include real-time tracking, supplementary insurance, and exclusive discounts.
What’s the difference between a broker and carrier?

As you undertake your move, it is probable that you will encounter moving brokers and carriers. Brokers act as intermediaries, linking customers with carriers, who are responsible for the ownership and operation of moving trucks. However, with Better Moving Bureau, you have the opportunity to work directly with a reputable and screened moving company. This streamlined approach eliminates the intermediary and facilitates a simple, effortless, and cost-effective move.

Planning Your Interstate Move: Expert Advice

Moving from one state to another is commonly referred to as an interstate move. To simplify the interstate moving process, it is essential to understand the important details. Prior to selecting an interstate moving company for your relocation, it is imperative to be aware of the following considerations:

Compare mover prices through BMB

We recommend scheduling a consultation with one our company representatives to receive an formal estimate. While this may require some time, obtaining a customized moving quote based on your specific needs is essential. It is advised to obtain at least three quotes from our vetted and highly recommended moving professionals to compare prices for your move.

Catalog your home inventory

To receive a precise estimate, a thorough list of all household items, including those in storage, is required. It’s essential to bear in mind that any additional items added to the inventory after the fact will result in an increased final cost.

BMB is just the starting point

Interstate moving companies can operate as brokers, acting as intermediaries to coordinate the logistics of the move with third-party carriers. It is crucial to comprehend the differences between brokers and carriers, and you can verify the type of company you are working with by consulting the FMCSA database. However, when you choose one of Better Moving Bureau’s top-rated and thoroughly vetted moving providers, you eliminate the need for brokers and directly connect with trustworthy moving companies for a seamless and stress-free interstate move. With BMB, you can skip the middleman and have peace of mind knowing that you have selected the best moving company for your needs.

Discover the company’s services

Interstate moving companies offer a wide range of services, including packing, loading, transportation, and furniture assembly. These companies can customize their services based on your unique requirements, ensuring that your move is carried out seamlessly and efficiently. Simply communicate your needs to them, and they will handle the rest.

The best moving companies are verified by BMB and can move you anywhere

The services offered by professional moving companies extend from a wide variety of locations to almost anywhere within the United States. While some companies like Top Rated Vanlines specialize in long-distance moving. With the help of BMB’s verified interstate moving companies, you can seamlessly relocate to your new home no matter where you are in the US.

How to move from state to state?

All the long-distance movers mentioned in this list are equipped to move your possessions to any of the 50 states in the US. To prepare for your interstate move, begin by contacting several companies from this list and requesting a detailed moving estimate.

Top Rated Moving Van Lines — Best overall

Best overall

Top Rated Moving Van Lines

Our Rating

Our top recommendation for long-distance moving services is Top Rated Moving Van Lines, offering nationwide coverage and a 10% senior discount. Additionally, they provide 30 days of free storage. International Van Lines offers a discount on car shipping services for customers with flexible timing. However, the company faces schedule availability due to high demand and the online experience is hindered by numerous pop-up ads.


Why we believe Top Rated Moving Van Lines is the best choice

Top Rated Van Lines is notable for its upfront pricing. The company’s reps are easy to work with, friendly, and they are transparent about their pricing structure. This transparency is a significant trust indicator for potential customers.

When it comes to full-service moving companies, pricing is different from self-service options like moving container companies or truck rentals. With full-service movers, a higher price tag can be worth it to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Companies that are hesitant to discuss costs can be concerning. However, Top Rated Van Lines is open and forthcoming about pricing. This level of transparency empowers customers to make informed decisions about their move.

Embarking on an interstate move?

Look no further than the expert long-distance movers on our list! With years of experience and top-notch services, these companies are equipped to transport your belongings to any state in the US. But before you start packing, be sure to get in touch with several of these reputable movers for a detailed moving estimate. By doing so, you'll be able to compare prices and services to find the perfect fit for your specific needs. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your interstate move. Contact the movers on our list today and experience a smooth and stress-free relocation.

Smooth Relocation Vanlines — Best for up-front pricing

Best for up-front pricing

Smooth Relocation Vanlines

Our Rating

Smooth Relocation Van Lines is our pick for high-quality moving services. The long-distance movers on this list prioritize the safety of your belongings and are willing to invest the necessary costs to achieve it. Smooth Relocation offers a flat rate and a comprehensive range of moving services, including piano moving. The company conducts thorough background checks on its workers, including drug tests and screenings. However, it’s worth noting that Smooth Relocation doesn’t offer tracking, and their customer service representatives are very knowledgeable but are not available on Sunday’s.


Why we recommend Smooth Relocation Vanlines

When it comes to moving your belongings, you want to entrust them to a specialized long-distance mover, such as Smooth Relocation Van Lines. Their team is well-versed in the techniques required to safely and carefully transport large and heavy objects, ensuring your possessions arrive at your destination in pristine condition.

Did you know that dismantling furniture could save you money? Smooth Relocation Van Lines trains its staff to disassemble, pack, transport, unpack, and reassemble your goods to ensure everything remains in excellent condition.

With Smooth Relocation Van Lines, you won’t have to worry about extra fees, as they offer flat-rate pricing that covers all their moving services. You can trust them to provide top-quality service for all your moving needs, from start to finish. Choose Smooth Relocation Van Lines for a seamless and stress-free moving experience.

Other high-value items

Smooth is one our favorite providers for moving high value items like pianos, safes, artwork, and large instruments.

Sunflower Moving & Storage — Best customer reviews

Best for up-front pricing

Sunflower Moving & Storage

Our Rating

Sunflower Moving & Storage is a family-operated enterprise that specializes in long-distance relocation services, priding itself on delivering reliable and cost-efficient solutions. Its proficient and skilled team of moving experts manage every aspect of the relocation process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for clients.

Hallmark of a reputable moving company

Sunflower maintains an exceptional track record of positive customer reviews which is a hallmark of a reputable moving company. Nevertheless, even the most reputable companies may encounter occasional challenges. It is therefore advisable to conduct your own research and scrutinize reviews to determine whether a moving company is trustworthy enough to entrust with your possessions.

Texas Movers Group — Best budget moving company

Best for up-front pricing

Texas Movers Group

Our Rating

For those seeking an affordable interstate moving and storage service, Texas Movers Group represents a top-tier option, boasting two decades of industry experience. With an impressive track record of satisfied customers, the company also offers vehicle transportation services.


Prepare for your long-distance move

Getting organized

Relocating to a new residence can involve an extensive array of necessary tasks. To optimize your efficiency and minimize stress, we advise acquiring a moving binder or downloading a relevant application to manage all vital documentation and checklists associated with your move. 

By methodically addressing your to-do list, you can avoid a last-minute rush and ensure a smoother moving experience on the day of the move.

Make an inventory of your belongings

A comprehensive home inventory provides a systematic approach for identifying items to be transported from your old home to the new one. Beyond facilitating organization, it serves as a valuable tool in the event of an insurance claim for any potential damage or loss of belongings. Various mediums, including a notebook, spreadsheet, or specialized home inventory applications, can be used to document possessions, with the process involving a room-by-room survey. 

Choosing the best move for you

Selecting the most suitable moving service for your individual circumstances requires meticulous deliberation regarding multiple factors, including your preferred level of convenience, financial restrictions, and degree of professional assistance needed. Whether you choose to pursue a do-it-yourself strategy or engage the services of full-service movers for a long-distance move, it is imperative to assess your budgetary constraints, identify which responsibilities you are comfortable assuming, and analyze the benefits and drawbacks of each available option.

Reach out to moving companies and compare options

The average duration of the entire moving process is approximately six to seven weeks, underscoring the importance of initiating the search for moving companies at least eight weeks before the scheduled relocation. Delaying the process could result in limited availability and increased expenses.

During the preliminary stage of obtaining moving estimates, it is advisable to request at least three quotes to facilitate a comparison of services and costs aligned with your needs. When reaching out to companies, some essential factors to consider include the company’s history, such as inception, growth, achievements, and reputation, the quality of customer service, as evidenced by reviews on multiple platforms, and verifying proper credentials, including licensing and insurance.

Conducting thorough research into any company under consideration also helps minimize the risk of falling prey to common moving scams.

Long-distance moving FAQ

How much do state to state movers cost?

The average cost of hiring interstate movers is approximately $5,800, but this figure is subject to variations based on several factors, including the distance of the move and the size of the residence.

How much do interstate movers cost?

What moving companies charge varies. The price of your move will depend on your move type (professional movers, moving container, or truck rental), how far you’re moving, add-on services, the time of year, and the amount and type of stuff you’re moving. For example, full-service movers start at $1,750 and can go as high as $45,000.

Why is state to state moving so expensive?

The high cost of long-distance moving is primarily attributed to hiring professionals to handle the entirety of the process, from loading and unloading possessions to transporting them across the country. Additional services, such as packing and storage, can also escalate the overall expense. Opting for one of our vetted interstate moving companies can help reduce costs.

What are the different types of moves?

There are three primary types of moves: full-service, container, and truck rental. Full-service is the most expensive option, whereas rental trucks are usually the least costly. Moving containers typically fall somewhere in between. While each of these services is capable of handling long-distance moves, we suggest using a full-service professional mover if it fits your budget, as it is the most convenient option available.

What is the cheapest way to move state to state?

One of the most budget-friendly solutions for a cross-country move is to consider a more affordable moving container or truck rental company. This approach can result in cost savings when compared to hiring professional movers, as you will be responsible for some of the labor yourself. Additionally, expenses related to long-distance moving truck rentals, such as airfare, fuel, and lodging, can also be minimized. However, it’s important to note that improper handling and packing can lead to damage to your belongings during the move.

What are the best commercial moving providers?

In the realm of commercial moving companies, Top Rated Moving Van Lines and Smooth Relocation Van Lines stand out as the premier options. Top Rated Moving Van Lines is known for providing exceptional commercial movers overall, while Smooth Relocation Van Lines offers the ability to personalize your moving package. With either of these companies, you can rest assured that your interstate move will be handled with the utmost care and expertise.

Is moving insurance important?

Securing moving insurance is essential to safeguard your belongings during the move. According to federal regulations, all long-distance moving companies must provide moving insurance, commonly known as “valuation,” as a minimum level of protection. Additionally, you may opt to purchase supplemental insurance from third-party providers for added security.

Are cheap movers safe?

It is important to exercise caution when considering cheap moving companies, as their reliability and safety can vary significantly depending on their pricing structure. To ensure that you find a reputable moving company, we recommend obtaining quotes from multiple providers and avoiding those with unusually low rates. 

What is the best way to do a long-distance move?

A long-distance move can be tackled differently based on priorities such as cost, security, and convenience. Choosing a moving container or truck rental company may be preferable if cost is a major factor, whereas hiring professional cross-country movers is recommended for those who prefer to avoid heavy lifting, driving, and added stress. Additionally, professional movers also provide insurance coverage for any damages incurred during the move.

How far in advance do I need to schedule movers?

It is advisable to make a reservation for your movers at least four weeks before your moving date. However, if you plan to move to another state during the peak moving season (April-September), it is recommended to provide at least eight weeks’ notice due to the high demand for moving services during this time. Keep in mind that during peak season, most moving companies are fully booked and may require additional notice time or charge seasonal fees. Additionally, it is essential to coordinate any required parking permits, obtain any remaining moving supplies, notify utility companies of your move, and make any necessary travel arrangements.

How far in advance do I need to book a company if I’m relocating to another state?

If you plan to move to another state during the peak moving season (late spring to early fall), it is recommended to provide a notice of at least eight weeks. Nonetheless, certain companies offer the possibility of accommodating short-notice moves for an additional fee.

What day is cheapest to hire movers?

There is no universally “best day” to schedule a move, but typically it is more cost-effective to book movers for early or mid-week dates, specifically between Monday and Thursday. Weekend moves are often more expensive due to the high demand, and thus lower availability, during those days. To ensure you get the best deal and avoid availability issues, it is recommended to book your move 6-8 weeks in advance. One benefit of using our vetted moving providers is that you can enjoy a 100% refundable deposit and the flexibility to adjust your move date without any fees if necessary.

How do I find a reputable mover in my area?

One effective method of locating a reliable moving company is by conducting a search for the best movers in your area. Additionally, our movers hub features a carefully curated list of the most highly-rated DOT licensed movers in cities throughout the United States.

What should you not move long-distance?

There are several items that are generally not recommended to move long-distance, either due to safety concerns, legal restrictions, or the risk of damage. Some of these items include:

  1. Hazardous materials: These include items such as propane tanks, chemicals, and gasoline.

  2. Perishable items: Perishable items like food, plants, and pets may not survive long-distance moves and can also attract pests.

  3. Valuables: Items like jewelry, cash, and important documents are best kept with you during the move.

  4. Sentimental items: Items that are irreplaceable or have sentimental value, such as family heirlooms, photo albums, and artwork, should also be kept with you during the move.

It’s always a good idea to consult with your chosen moving company to determine their specific guidelines and restrictions regarding what items they can and cannot transport long-distance.

How early should you start packing to move?

A suggested timeline for packing before a move is typically around two months. However, if you decide to hire one of the leading long-distance moving companies, their experienced crews can pack all of your possessions with just a day’s notice.

Who is the best out of state moving company?

The best moving company in our opinion is Top Rated Moving Van Lines. It has an established reputation, an extensive moving network, and transparent pricing.

What do PODS cost?

For moving containers from PODS, the estimated cost for distances exceeding 1,000 miles across state lines is around $4,660. When it comes to cross-country moving, the cost ranges from $1,800 for small apartments to $6,520 for large five-room homes. Considering the work that you would have to do yourself, hiring professional vetted movers is a no-brainer.

Is Top Rated Moving Van Lines a good company?

A highly recommended choice for cross-country moves is Top Rated Moving Van Lines. This company boasts nationwide availability and a remarkable track record of positive reviews. However, it is important to note that the superior level of service may come at a slightly higher cost.

How much do movers get tipped?

The amount to tip movers can vary depending on the level of service provided and the complexity of the move. As a general guideline, it is customary to tip movers 5-10% of the total cost of the move. For example, if your move costs $1,000, a tip of $50-$100 would be appropriate. However, if you are particularly pleased with the service, you may choose to tip more. Additionally, some people choose to provide refreshments or meals for the movers as an alternative to a cash tip. Ultimately, the decision to tip and the amount is up to your discretion.

Is Sunflower Moving & Storage a legit company?

Sunflower Moving & Storage is a highly respected and established long-distance moving service, renowned for its exceptional customer service and consistently positive customer feedback. The company specializes in providing premium relocation services to discerning high-end clientele, offering a comprehensive range of customized moving solutions designed to ensure a smooth, stress-free, and successful relocation experience. Sunflower Moving & Storage’s expert team of professionals is committed to providing a superior level of service, leveraging their extensive expertise and experience in the moving industry to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual client. Whether you’re moving across the country or internationally, Sunflower Moving & Storage is dedicated to helping you achieve a seamless and hassle-free move, ensuring that your valuable belongings arrive safely and securely at your destination.


Better Moving Bureau uses a comprehensive fivefold research approach to evaluate and identify the moving industry’s best full-service movers. This includes comparing pricing transparency by gathering quotes, checking for binding estimates, and reading customer reviews to ensure each moving company’s prices are trustworthy. Additionally, the Bureau reviews accreditation by checking each company’s records in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s database to confirm they are properly authorized to transport household goods.

Furthermore, the Bureau employs mystery shopping, reviewing every company’s website, posing as customers in calls to companies, and reading customer reviews to analyze every company’s moving services, transit protection, and customer service. The Bureau also interviews actual customers to learn how their moves went from start to finish. In addition, the Bureau invites moving companies to their headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to share data and expertise, and they verify the information provided by comparing it to data gathered through independent research and interviews with other movers.

Finally, the Bureau regularly repeats this process to update its recommendations and reflect current data and trends. They also revise each review annually and make updates throughout the year. Furthermore, the Bureau uses AI to help consumers discover more about how to have a safe, easy, and fun move.

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