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How to Get Rid of All Those Old Books You Don’t Read Anymore

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How to Get Rid of All Those Old Books You Don’t Read Anymore.

The first step to getting rid of old books is deciding which ones you want to keep. If you’re keeping any particularly valuable or sentimental books, be sure to mark them clearly.

Once you’ve decided which books you’d like to keep, start by sorting through the piles of books you already own. Start with the oldest books first, and go through each book slowly, taking note of which pages you read, which pages you skipped, and which pages you didn’t open.

After you finish reading through the older books, look through the newer books. Do you remember why you bought these books? What were you hoping to accomplish by buying them? How often have you used them?

Take notes as you go through the new books. Then, once you’ve finished going through the new books, you can use those notes to identify the books you want to keep.

You may want to consider donating books to a library or other organization that could use them. Or, if you don’t know what to do with your old books, you might try selling them on eBay.

If you decide not to sell your books online, there are many options for donating them to local libraries or schools. Some people also donate their books to thrift stores or Goodwill.

Donating Your Books To A Library

Many public libraries offer free storage space for donated materials. However, if you live in an area where it’s difficult to find a good place to store your books, you can always ask your local library about storing your donations.

Most public libraries will accept books from individuals who have no intention of ever using them again. However, some libraries require that you sign a statement saying that you won’t resell the books. This prevents someone else from reusing the books after they’ve been donated.

Some libraries will even take old textbooks and magazines. However, these items aren’t usually accepted unless they’re in excellent condition.

If you plan to donate your books to a school, check with your child’s teacher before doing so. Many teachers prefer to receive only books that students actually read.

Donating Your Books To An Organization That Needs Them

Many organizations need books. They include:

Public Libraries: Most public libraries accept books, CDs, DVDs, video games, and audiobooks.

Scholastic Book Fairs: Scholastic holds annual book fairs at various locations across North America. The book fairs are great places to buy inexpensive children’s books.

Bookstores: There are several large chain bookstores throughout the United States. At most of these stores, you’ll find a section devoted to secondhand books. In addition, many independent bookstores hold sales every few weeks.

Goodwill Industries: Goodwill accepts clothing, shoes, furniture, household goods, toys, electronics, appliances, sports equipment, musical instruments, tools, and more.

Other Organizations: Other organizations such as animal shelters, food banks, homeless shelters, community centers, churches, and soup kitchens welcome books donations.

Selling Your Books On eBay

eBay is one of the best ways to get cash for unwanted books. It’s easy to list your books for sale on eBay. Just follow these steps:

1) Find out how much money you can expect to make when you sell your books. Look up average prices for similar books on eBay. Then multiply this number times the number of books you want to sell. For example, if you find that the average price per copy of “Harry Potter” is $10.00, then you should multiply 10 x 100 copies = $1000.00.

2) List your books for sale on eBay. Make sure that you describe your books accurately. Include pictures of the covers, titles, authors, publishers, and ISBN numbers. Also, write a short description of the contents.

3) Set your listing’s minimum bid amount. Be realistic about the value of your books. If you think that your books are worth less than $5.00, set your minimum bid at $0.01. Otherwise, set your minimum bid at around $20.00.

4) Wait patiently until someone bids on your books. When someone makes a bid, respond quickly. Remember that you still have time to increase your bid.

5) After accepting a bid, send the winning bidder a message via eBay telling them they have won the auction. Ask the winner to pay for shipping costs.

6) Repeat Steps 1-5 whenever you want to sell another batch of books.

Tips And Warnings About Selling Used Books On eBay

When you sell your books on eBay, you must be careful not to violate copyright laws. Copyright laws protect original works of art, music, movies, and software. Copyrights last for 70 years after the author’s death.

Copyright law doesn’t apply to books. Therefore, you can legally sell your books without worrying about violating copyright laws.

However, you should be aware that certain types of copyrighted material are protected under U.S. federal law. For instance, you cannot sell songs written by famous musicians. Similarly, you cannot sell videos made by movie producers.

To avoid copyright infringement, make sure that you carefully review the terms of service agreement (TOS) that comes along with your account on eBay.

Also, make sure that you comply with the rules of Ebay’s affiliate program. Affiliate programs allow companies to promote products sold by third parties. Companies earn commissions based on the volume of traffic generated by their affiliates’ websites.

To learn more about the affiliate program, visit

Another way to ensure that you don’t run afoul of copyright laws is to register your books with the Library of Congress. Registering your books helps prevent others from copying them. Registration takes just a couple of minutes.

Registering your books isn’t necessary if you intend to sell them privately. But if you plan to sell your books on eBay, registering them with the Library of Congress allows you to claim ownership of your books.

It’s important to understand that claiming ownership of your books does not mean that you can stop anyone else from copying them. Instead, it simply means that you can sue anyone who tries to profit from copying your books.

Getting Rid Of Old Books Is Easy!

Now that you know how to get rid of old books, you can begin purging your home of unwanted books. Here are three simple methods for getting rid of old books:

Method #1: Throw Away Unread Books

This method involves throwing away unopened books. Simply toss unread books into the trash bin.

If you’re worried about accidentally damaging the cover of a book while tossing it in the trash, wrap the book in a newspaper first. Newspaper protects the cover from scratches.

Alternatively, you can put the books in a plastic bag and drop them off at a recycling center. Recycling centers usually charge a small fee for collecting recyclables.

Method #2: Sell Books Online

If you haven’t yet sold your books on eBay, now’s the perfect time to start.

Just log onto eBay and search for books. Click on the category that interests you. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “New Items.” Enter the title, author, publisher, subject matter, and ISBN number of your book(s).

Next, enter a brief description of your book. Finally, add a picture of its cover.

Click on “Add Item” and wait for someone to bid on your book.

As soon as someone wins the bidding war, contact the buyer and tell them to pay for shipping.

Method #3: Give Books To Charity

If you feel guilty about giving away your books, you can give them to charity instead. Local charities typically accept books for distribution. Contact your local Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, or another charitable organization to see whether they would be interested in receiving your books.

Before you donate your books, however, be sure to check with your local library. Many libraries accept donations of books that are unlikely to be reused.


Whether you choose to sell your books online, donate them to a library, or give them away to charity, you’ll be glad that you got rid of your old books. Now you can focus on finding new books to read.


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