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Move Like a Pro: 7 Ways to Save Money and Time During Your Next Move

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Move Like a Pro: 7 Ways to Save Money and Time During Your Next Move

1. Plan ahead.

Planning ahead allows you to prepare for every aspect of your move. This includes finding a reliable mover, scheduling deliveries, making arrangements for utilities, and organizing your belongings.

2. Pack smartly.

By taking inventory of your possessions, you can figure out exactly how much stuff you own. Then you can decide what to pack and what to leave behind.

3. Organize your belongings.

Sort your belongings according to room or type. Then group similar items together. Finally, label boxes or bags with the name of the room and date.

4. Buy durable packaging.

Plastic trash bags aren’t very durable. In fact, they tear easily. So instead, opt for reusable totes or boxes made of corrugated cardboard.

5. Rent a truck.

Rental trucks come equipped with ramps and dollies. This makes unpacking easier. Plus, renting a truck saves you from having to rent a trailer.

6. Bring your own tools.

You won’t need anything fancy. Just grab a hammer, screwdriver, and extension cord.

7. Skip the box cutter.

Cutting open boxes can lead to broken glass, sharp edges, and even blood. Instead, cut boxes with scissors. Or wrap the edge of the box with duct tape.



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