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Moving Tips: 10 Items That Should Never Move Without Help

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Moving Tips: 10 Items That Should Never Move Without Help

1. Boxes. Moving boxes are heavy. And while you can buy cheap cardboard boxes, it’s worth spending extra money on sturdy plastic containers. Also, make sure you buy enough boxes. You never know when you might run into unexpected obstacles such as stairs or narrow hallways.

2. Furniture. Most furniture needs to be moved carefully. It can quickly become damaged if you try to lift it without the proper equipment. You’ll probably need two strong helpers. One person should stand behind the piece holding it securely, while another lifts it off the ground. Another way to handle large pieces of furniture is to slide them along a padded surface.

3. Appliances. To avoid damage, place appliances on dollies or rolling carts. Then load them onto trucks or trailers only after removing all the cords and plugs.

4. Electronics. Keep electronics clean and dust-free. Wrap cables tightly with electrical tape. Remove batteries from remote controls and put them in zip-top bags. 

5. Clothes. Take clothes out of drawers and hang them up in the closet. Fold them neatly and store them flat. Avoid putting clothing in plastic garbage bags, which can cause wrinkles.

6. Books. Storing books upright helps prevent moisture buildup inside the covers. Place books on shelves or tables instead of stacking them on top of one another.

7. Household Goods. Store household goods in labeled boxes or bins. Label boxes with the contents’ names and dates. Put small items in clear storage bags. Large items should go in sturdy crates.

8. Office Supplies. File folders and paper clips can quickly accumulate. Instead of throwing these items away, donate them to charity.

9. Toys. Kids love toys. But they can be dangerous. So keep them locked up safely until you arrive at your new home.

10. Pets. Dogs and cats often shed fur, hair, and dander throughout the house. If you plan to bring pets, consider buying pet-safe moving blankets and towels.



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